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Company Information

Executives Chairman & CEO

Masahiko Soda

Headquarters location:

3-37-3 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

TEL. 03-5412-7661  FAX. 03-5412-7662

Establishment :February 1997

Business Content:

Sale of raw bamboo fiber (TAKEFU), thread, fabric, non-woven fabric, and paper.


Planning, OEM production and sale of bamboo fiber (TAKEFU) textile products (Hygiene products, household products, daily necessities, apparel, interiors, bedding, etc.).


Planning and development of other eco-friendly products

Affiliated company: Flying Bamboo Gauze Society (

Flying Bamboo Gauze is a humanitarian organization established with the aim of contributing to world peace and the welfare of humankind. Inside or outside the country, we will always maintain a neutral position. Regardless of wealth, we will continue to prioritize always being close to and protecting human life with TAKEFU GAUZE (Mamorinuno).

Bamboo Is the Ultimate Eco-Friendly Material

Bamboo grows by spreading its roots, so it doesn’t need seedlings or agrochemicals. We can use this ecological material as a renewable resource by only cutting fully-grown bamboo and managing our usage in an effective way.

TAKEFU®︎ is Made from Bamboo

TAKEFU, made from bamboo, will biodegrade in a few months after being buried under the ground. It is a fiber born from nature that returns to nature.

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