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Soft Texture

For sensitive skin, infants, and the elderly 


High water-absorbing ability twice that of cotton.


Prevent the propagation of various bacteria with bamboo’s antibacterial property.


Reduces body odor from sweat.


Reduces harmful static electricity.

The Major Characteristics of TAKEFU

Softness is the Biggest Feature of TAKEFU.

The gentle fiber “TAKEFU” is made from 100% bamboo, and has antibacterial, deodorization, antistatic, absorption, and thermal effects.

It is a healing fiber that gently and warmly holds heart and body.

Always Hygienic

Bamboo and bamboo leaves have long been used to store food, such as wrapping rice balls.


The excellent antibacterial effect of TAKEFU due to a special manufacturing method to suppress the growth of MRSA bacteria (typical nosocomial infections) has been demonstrated in an antibacterial test by the Japan Food Research Laboratories.

Number of MRSAs_4x-100.jpg

Test Content:

Both cotton and TAKEFU were kept at 37 degrees Celsius and then each was inoculated with 40,000 MRSA bacteria. The viable cell count was compared after 18 hours.


Test Results:

TAKEFU → <20 Not detected General cotton → 4 million


Inspection organization: Japan Food Research Laboratories

Results of MRSA Test

Cotton and TAKEFU were each inoculated with 40,000 MRSA bacteria. After 18 hours, the result is astonishing with the number of viable cells for TAKEFU (bamboo fiber) was <20 (not detected) compared to 4 million of cotton. In addition, its effectiveness against other bacteria has been further confirmed in subsequent antibacterial tests.

Odor eliimination test

Deodorization Power of TAKEFU

TAKEFU has outstanding deodorization effects as illustrated in the test results below. It is effective on all types of odor-causing gases especially ammonia that cause body odor. TAKEFU is suitable for cloth sanitary napkins, underwear, T shirts, socks, bedding and towels.

water absorption test

Excellent Water Absorption

Generally, if the fabric sinks in water within 5 seconds (sedimentation method) and absorbs water(dropping method), it has excellent water absorption. The test results on TAKEFU towels, kitchen cloths, cloth napkins, etc. show an excellent water absorption rate.

Friction test_4x-100.jpg

Negligible Static Electricity

Static electricity is said to have an adverse effect on the human body. TAKEFU has low frictional resistance, recommended for babies, elderly people, and those who suffer from skin problems.


Test Content:

TAKEFU and cotton were each rubbed with a friction cloth for 1 minute, and were measured for the generated voltage band (V). 


Test Results:

TAKEFU → 82V General cotton → 1000V TAKEFU reduced to 3V 1 minute after the measurement. 


Inspection organization: Boken Quality Evaluation Institute

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